Cool Downs are not to be neglected…..⠀⠀

The ending of your workout is extremely important and need to be thought out. I love using isolation movements that have simple eccentric and concentric movements along with isometric contractions.

When you end your workout with something simple your mind can really focus on the mind-muscle connection that will have a positive relationship the rest of the day. When you end your workout with horrible form and limp off the floor you mind will remember the low-quality brain signals throughout the day.

So, the rule we have is always end will quality to set you up for success. These isolation movements above can be easier to execute with quality since they require few complex contractions. 

  • Body Saws really focus on anti-extension core flexion and shoulder flexion/extension control
  • Banded Hamstring Curls really target the hamstrings 
  • Side Plank DB Raise really target the rotator cuff with static and dynamic stability
  • KB Rack Hold Wall Sit really builds great scapular endurance with the isometric rack hold and the wall sit will rest your pelvis in the proper position 

Try using these movements as finishers to your workouts.

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