September Newsletter


Fall is always an exciting time at Pat’s Gym. Some of our athletes are now prepared to compete in Ironman – WI, some are preparing for other races, and our Olympic athletes are getting ready for the World Championship event. In addition, we’re putting on really exciting events as the Pat’s Gym Community continues to grow. These are events that you don’t want to miss out on!


Pat’s Gym Community Event – Pat’s Gym is hosing another Community Event on September 23, in Central Park, just south of Pat’s Gym. The last one had over 50 members, friends and family, attending. It’s a great way to get in a Saturday morning workout, followed by a barbecue/picnic in the park with other members of the Pat’s Gym family. The event will start at 11:00 a.m., on September 23, and a great meal will follow starting around 12:00 p.m. Pat’s Gym will supply the hot dogs/hamburgers, buns, and condiments. Please bring a dish to share.





Online Coaching Events – Pat Gilles has planned a lot of events for Online Coaching members. Every month there is one Online Coaching event, if not two.
On August 28, Pat Gilles explained to Online Coaching members the energy systems that are targeted in workouts and how these athletes should approach workout differently. The event was recorded so that Online Coaching members who could not make the event, could still learn about the energy systems and how each is important for functional fitness.
On September 16, at 9:00 a.m., Pat Gilles will lead Online Coaching athletes through a group workout. These workouts not only provide members with a great workout, they serve as a great way to educate members on specific issues that arise in workouts. You don’t want to miss this event. This event will take place at Pat’s Gym.



Partnership with Madison Country Day School (MCDS) – I want to give a shout out to MCDS. Recognizing the importance that fitness has on children physically, mentally and on school performance, I have partnered with MCDS to create a fitness program that will help their students improve their fitness levels, educate students on fitness and nutrition, and excel in sports. I’m really excited about this opportunity to have a positive impact on children during their formative years. You will be hearing more about this initiative as I hope all parents can learn about how important fitness is for children.

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A Pat’s Gym Athlete Makes the Olympic Team – I’m excited to announce that an athlete that we have worked with has made the Olympic Team for mountain biking. Congrats to Caleb! Caleb will be competing in a qualifying race in Cairns, Australia. Caleb will represent the United States in this Mountain Bike World Championship. We know that Caleb will make us proud!






Ironman – WI – I want to take this opportunity to wish the best to my Online Coaching athletes who will compete in the upcoming Ironman that will take place in Madison on September 10th. These athletes have worked hard for the past year to be well prepared and confident for this race. These athletes are ready for this competition, and I’m excited to see them compete and see how well they perform.





Athlete of the Month – Dan Fox is an owner of various farms in Wisconsin, and a James Beard multi-year semi-finalist. Dan is also the owner of Heritage Tavern. Dan has been going to Pat’s Gym for over two years now. At Pat’s Gym, he has seen immediate and long-term results. He has seen a 100% change in his mental and physical health. His friends, family and peers who have known him for a long time equally have noticed a significant change in his physique. Additionally, his coworkers and employees have noticed a positive change in his disposition and stress level. Learn more about Dan Fox…..




The Monthly Challenge continue – The September Monthly Challenge will show areas of weaknesses, which is one of the reasons for having a Monthly Challenge. The Monthly Challenge will also test your mental toughness as it involves carries. The September Monthly Challenge consists of the following:
Do the following 40m carries in the order listed
40m OH (Over Head) Carry
40m Rack Hold Carry
40m Farmer Carry
40m Rack and Farmer Carry L/R
40m Rack and Farmer Carry – other side R/L
Rules that apply:
1 lap of each movement in the green room is 40m
5 rounds
Weight to be used:
Guys 2×40# KB
Females 2×20# KB
Every time you drop the weights you have to do 10 floor to feet
Each consecutive drop add 1 rep of floor to feet

The August Monthly Challenge was a lot of fun, especially if you like the song “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down.” The athletes did the following exercises to this song. Each week they did a different exercise while the song was playing, and they counted their time where they stopped. At the end of the month, all time was counted. The winner is the athlete who had the most time accumulated at the end of the month. The exercises were as follows:

Week 1 (1-6th) Push ups
Week 2 ( (7-13th) Pull up
Week 3 (14-20th) Squats
Week 4 (21-27th) Push ups
Week 5 (28-31st) Pull ups

The winners of the August Monthly Challenge were XXX with a time of XXX, and XXX with a time of XXX. I was so excited that so many people participated! Way to go!