Classes At Pat’s Gym
In addition to offering special seminars and one-on-one client coaching sessions, Pat’s Gym offers scheduled classes of various types to its clients. These classes are designed for those individuals who want a team setting where all members will cheer on other members to performance at their peak. These classes are in high demand, and really do help define what Pat’s Gym is all about.
Drop In To Any Of Our Classes! Only $25!

Pat’s Gym also offers corporate classes for businesses that are interested in growing their health and wellness programs. Contact Pat for more information on corporate classes.

Due to COVID-19 classes have been downsized until further notice.


Pat’s Fit Class is designed to help you get into good overall shape, and will include intense breathing work. The workouts are focused on cardiovascular and respiratory output and recovery, but we don’t go lightly on body weight and weighted objects with high-intensity intervals and functional compound movements. It’s a total body workout. With this class, you will not only lose weight and tone up during the class, but it also means that after the class you will continue to burn fat. This class will compliment any endurance training program, help you lose weight, increase your fitness level, and increase resting metabolism. This class is open to all participants and exercises can be easily modified for your fitness level. Come experience the fun of Pat’s Gym Fit Class. This class complements Pat’s Strength Class.


Pat’s Strength Class is designed to deliver measurable gains in strength and overall fitness. The class is run with parallel exercises taking place at once. If you want to gain size, there will be exercises that will help you do that. For those, who want to avoid gaining size but want to be more defined, there will be exercises that can help you accomplish that. Now there are no excuses for not attending a class, such as “those exercises make my butt and thighs look too big.” This class includes workouts focused on the development of maximum force production and muscular recruitment.

Pat’s Strength Class will give you the confidence you need to lift heavy objects in the real world. From picking up your kids, to hauling wood or enjoying a hike, this class will enhance your fitness level and teach you functional fundamentals. More muscle means higher caloric expenditure throughout the day…meaning you will burn fat throughout the day. Pat’s Strength class will up regulate the nervous system and cause a strong hormonal response, which also mean you will burn fat all day. This class is open to all participants and exercises can be modified for your fitness level. Come experience the fun of Pat’s Strength Class. This class complements the Pat’s Fit Class.


Fuck You Friday is the most intense class offered at the gym. It was designed to force rest days over the weekend. There are standards that need to be met to attend and you will participate in advanced movements and extreme competition. Come ready to work hard but always be satisfied when you leave. We offer two hour-long classes on Fridays, one starting at 6:00 AM and another at 5:00 PM.

Day Of The Week Class Time
Monday Pat’s Fit/Strength 6:00 AM
Friday Pat’s FYF 6:00 AM
Friday Pat’s FYF 5:00 PM

Due to COVID-19 we only accept drop-in rates at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

All classes last 1 hour. Class drop-in rates are $25 per class, or for $225 per month, you can purchase a pass to attend all the classes you can make during that month. Class packages of 3, 6 and 12 months are cheaper the more months you prepay! Please contact Pat at for more information.