About Pat’s Gym
Meet Pat Gilles

Pat Gilles is the owner of Pat’s Gym. Pat has a unique philosophy which guides all aspects of coaching at Pat’s Gym. Pat and his coaches help clients achieve optimum health through rigorous physical activity and nutrition, but they also teach clients techniques to remove self-imposed obstacles that hold us all back. The techniques that his clients learn can be used to achieve dramatically improved physical performance. In addition, the techniques can be used to help effectively power through obstacles clients encounter in everyday life, whether it be at home, at work, or in other environments. Pat has found the philosophy to be effective for himself, and he has refined it based upon his experience as an athlete and coach.Pat is a successful athlete. When he was in high school, he found that he excelled in sports. However, when Pat learned to control his mind and remove his self-imposed limitations he reached a higher level of performance. As a result of his total body and mind synergy workouts, Pat excelled at playing hockey and golf for his college team while at St Olaf in MN. Since that time, Pat has successfully competed in ironman, and won the cycling state championship. Pat has also professionally competed in sailing.

Pat studied exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and wellness, human anatomy and motor learning at St Olaf College. Pat brings this knowledge and his personal experience to Pat’s Gym. Pat’s coaches also have similar backgrounds which they use to help clients successfully reach their goals.

Pat started his coaching career 10 years ago working for other gyms. Working for other gyms, Pat felt that he was limited in what he could offer. Pat wanted to use what he had learned based upon his studies and his personal experience to help others. Pat also wanted to create an environment that would help clients achieve their maximum potential. Therefore, he started his gym in the garage of his parent’s home approximately 7 years ago.

At Pat’s Gym, clients feel comfortable exploring boundaries and busting through them to achieve new levels of accomplishment. Working out of his parent’s garage illustrates what Pat always knew: Clients can be creative with little equipment, using what is available for training including body weight. The ability to be creative helps clients workout where ever they are, whether on a business trip or on vacation.

Not only has Pat helped clients reach athletic goals, he has also helped clients recover from injuries by focusing on muscles that are not injured, but also muscles around the injury. You can hear Pat at the Gym saying that “injury is an opportunity to strengthen other muscles while the injured muscle repairs.” Pat has also helped clients prepare for surgery by coaching them to be in great physical condition so that the recovery process is shortened. Also, Pat works with elite athletes later in their lives to ensure that they continue to have a high quality of life.

The atmosphere at Pat’s Gym is not only professional, it is a place where clients will encourage other clients to achieve new heights in their personalized journey of physical and mental high-performance.

Don’t be afraid to come checkout the Gym because we state that we cater to “elite athletes.” By using the word “elite” we mean not only those individuals who are accomplished athletes, but we include those individuals who are highly motivated. Using the word “elite” also means it’s a place where elite athletes can have the same expectation of their coaches that they do of themselves. We pride ourselves on our quality, knowledgeable and goal-driven coaches. Come give it a try and see how it will change your life.