Online Coaching


Personalized Remote Coaching
Pat Gilles offers remote training for those individuals who are either not in Madison, WI or who live close by but don’t have the time to come to the Gym. Pat will work with the athlete to determine the goals and will create a workout, nutrition and recovery programs to help the athlete achieve those goals. Pat has been providing this service to athletes for approximately 5 years now. Pat has helped many athletes become extremely successful competing in their fields such as cyclist, runners, curlers, and competitors in marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons. 

Each week, Pat will put together a personalized workout, nutrition and recovery program that builds upon the prior week. The program is not a “one size fits all” program. The program is tailored for the athlete based upon strengths and weaknesses of the athlete, and is focused on achieving the athlete’s goals. There will be constant communication (either email, telephone conversations, or through Skype) between Pat and the athlete to answer any questions or issues that arise.

In addition to providing remote coaching services to competitive athletes, he has also worked with athletes who are busy executives, who are limited on time but want to get in shape, tone-up or lose weight. Also, Pat has remotely worked with models who want to minimize time in the gym, but who want to look great for their next photo shoot.



Customized Coaching Programs
Drawing upon years of experience, Pat Gilles has put together various programs which athletes can purchase and follow to accomplish their goals. These programs are based upon the demand of the athletes and reflect principles that Pat has found to be effective. These programs will be tailored based upon the individualized needs of the athlete and can be accessed online via a computer, tablet or other mobile device. The programs are all inclusive incorporating nutrition, workout and recovery elements. These programs have been effective for the athletes who have purchased them, and followed them with discipline. Generally, these programs will help the athlete achieve their goals within 35 days. 







Currently, Pat is offering the following programs:
For those athletes who are in good shape, but need that extra program to lose fat, tone up, and become more aware of how nutrition is an important part to losing that undesired fat. This program only requires you to follow it for 35 days, but will teach you how to change your workouts and nutrition going past the 35 days.



For those individuals who are happy with their body, but want to firm up that butt which is generally ignored with other programs. Models have found this program to be easy to follow, but very effective in firming up. This program will require that you spend less than 30 minutes each day exercising to firm up with the cardio optional.



For those athletes who want to put on muscle and avoid gaining fat. This program focuses on workouts, nutrition and recovery. This program draws upon Pat’s experience working with serious and competitive body builders, in addition to competitive athletes. This program is not for the weak of heart.



This program is aimed at giving an athlete a competitive edge in their sport or they can draw upon in life to overcome any obstacle. This program draws upon a critical part of Pat’s Philosophy that any individual can conquer any obstacle given the right frame of mind. Athletes, business executives and models can benefit from this program.



This program is aimed at correcting an athlete’s weak area, whether it is alignment or muscles that are under developed. This program is based upon Pat’s extensive experience in working with athletes who are in great shape, but have areas of weakness that need alignment and development. This is also a great program to do between seasons, coming back from an injury, and coming off of periods getting sick all of the time.



When you don’t’ have access to a gym, there are plenty of ways to stay active and even make gains. When people go on vacation and or take business trips they generally have no access to equipment. Instead of making excuses for not working out, this is the perfect opportunity to use your own bodyweight. There are certain things that you can’t train outside of the gym like strength, but you can definitely maintain them along with developing endurance and power endurance.