Katie And Mike

Katie and Mike are married, have two daughters (ages 4 and 2), and have demanding careers. They have made fitness a priority in their life, and a way to share something special. They started out doing classes, successfully completed the Get Cut Program, and are now doing Online Training. They were athletic before coming to Pat’s Gym, but after having been at Pat’s Gym for about a year now they have gotten “cut”, “leaned up” and “bulked up” in the right places. Working out consistently, they now have more energy and can do it all. They are fitness fiends, have energy to play with their kids, and compete in various local races. It is not unusual to see them at the Gym on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with their kids, doing their second workout for the day. They serve as an inspiration to us all.

Kristian Book

As a runner, I began struggling with little injuries and discomfort in my joints at 25. I started online training with Pat with the intention of learning how to increase my overall fitness to combat the imbalances I was experiencing, but never expected that I would commit to training in the gym long-term. Working with Pat and being part of the Pat’s gym community changed that expectation completely- the physical and mental growth I experienced after joining the gym was incredible, and I couldn’t stop 🙂 After almost a year of training, my overall fitness has improved dramatically. I credit Pat’s amazing skill in motivating, challenging, and tailoring workouts to my needs (he helped me stay on track while I was abroad with no access to a gym for 3 months) for this, and am so grateful! 100% recommend.

Erick Sokn

At 63 I am one of the oldest members you will see at Pat’s Gym. I started working out there in 2013 (8 years ago), as part of a corporate sponsored program. A core group of about 10 of us went 5 days a week from 2013 until CoVid forced the shutdowns. Every one of us made substantial gains in strength, endurance, body composition, and aerobic capacity.

The competition and comradery of a group class at Pat’s is fantastic. Everyone encourages and challenges each other in these and the friendly competition forces you to push yourself even harder. These functional fitness classes are designed so anyone, at any level of fitness, can both do the workout and make gains. If you’re just staring out you may use lighter weights, go at a slower pace, or do fewer repetitions; as you’re fitness improves you increase one or all of these.

My wife and I also used Pat’s online training programs, customized for each of us based on our goals. Since the corporate group workouts covered my general fitness goals, Pat setup a program to concentrate on maximizing my performance on the SkiErg, from Concept 2. This focused program helped me to improve my performance to the point that I now hold the world records in the over 60 age group for the 500, 1,000, and 2,000 meter events.

You can’t go wrong signing up for any of the training options Pat offers.

Wade Ferkey

I have been going to Pat’s Gym for several years now. Not only have they helped me reach my fitness goals they also continue to challenge me in new ways. I love that every workout is new and unique. The atmosphere and community has been amazing and very supportive.

Amy Stacey

Pat’s gym is a community. I felt nurtured there and have never been in such great shape. From the classes to the online training, they will personalize your goals and fitness journey to your needs.

Ida D

Been lucky to find excellent coaches and trainers each time we moved. Pat’s Gym during our stay in Madison is truly the best of the best. We loved working with Gretchen and really any of their coaching staff. The programming is excellent, thoughtful, and tailored. It got me in the best shape ever and ready to race, and this just months after having a baby in my 40’s. Also, a wonderful group of people, both the staff and athletes they train. Truly an inspiring and supportive community.

Erick Sokn

At 63 I am one of the oldest members you will see at Pat’s Gym. I started working out there in 2013 (8 years ago), as part of a corporate sponsored program. A core group of about 10 of us went 5 days a week from 2013 until CoVid forced the shutdowns. Every one of us made substantial gains in strength, endurance, body composition, and aerobic capacity.

The competition and comradery of a group class at Pat’s is fantastic. Everyone encourages and challenges each other in these and the friendly competition forces you to push yourself even harder. These functional fitness classes are designed so anyone, at any level of fitness, can both do the workout and make gains. If you’re just staring out you may use lighter weights, go at a slower pace, or do fewer repetitions; as you’re fitness improves you increase one or all of these.

My wife and I also used Pat’s online training programs, customized for each of us based on our goals. Since the corporate group workouts covered my general fitness goals, Pat setup a program to concentrate on maximizing my performance on the SkiErg, from Concept 2. This focused program

Katie Hurtis

I started working with Pat via online coaching about 5 years ago while rehabbing from an injury, and have stuck around because I absolutely love it. While it is an investment, you truly get what you pay for: through online coaching I get customized workouts for each day, and the variety is really helpful for staying motivated – I have never done the same workout twice. I share my schedule with Pat each week and he’s able to work around my schedule, which includes irregular work hours and frequent work travel, and writes workouts based on what gym access or equipment I anticipate having. He can also customize workouts based on your overall fitness goals, or to target a particular competition. Finally, he’s very responsive – if I reach out with a question, I typically hear back in a few minutes, almost always within an hour or two.

The gym itself is very utilitarian (no mirrors, no TVs, no nonsense) but is always clean, with well-maintained and varied equipment. The gym really is a little community, and it is great to come in each day and chat a bit with friends before getting to work. It truly is a welcoming environment for all types, spanning from high-level athletes to those who are just trying to get back into a workout routine, and teens to retired folks – as long as you’re ready to work hard, you’ll fit in.

Claire Fernandez

I started working with Pat in 2017 during my senior year of college. Since then, he has helped me get on a consistent workout and nutrition regimen and see continuous results. He provides amazing support through online coaching and I never get bored of the workouts. Working with Pat had been a great way to challenge myself over the last 5 years.

Cody Markel

I worked with Pat for about a year before heading off to play college football. Pat greatly helped me in gaining the strength to be ready for the challenge. The workouts, technique, and mental toughness taught by Pat allowed me to be ahead of the curve when I got to school. Pat’s Gym was and still feels like family. Whether it is private coaching or group workouts, I couldn’t recommend Pat’s Gym more!

Jake Jones

Pat’s has been a place that goes well beyond anything I’ve ever been apart of. They have built a community that challenges its members to find the best in themselves and continue to improve it.

There is no such thing as a plateau or lack of motivation as you’re taken out of your comfort zone to progress in your goals and take on new challenges. I can definitely say it never gets easier as you simply work on other opportunities.

Great people, amazing hands on coaching and a wonderful space with all pieces of equipment needed.

Thankful for this space.

Katelyn Klein

I’ve been at Pat’s gym for over 9 years. With a mix of classes, personal training and online training I have a broad scope of what this gym has to offer. It’s a wonderful community with an amazing leader. Pat has helped me reach goals in my fitness I didn’t think were possible. The online training was a life saver during the pandemic. Pat’s knowledge base allows him to provide personalized programs for a wide range of individuals and I would encourage anyone on the fence to go ahead and take the plunge. You won’t regret it!

Danny Klagos

Working out at Pats over the past couple of years has helped me achieve my fitness goals and pushes me everyday to become a better athlete. The coaches there have been a great resource and are truly invested in helping in your fitness endeavors.

Caroline Kreul

Big fan of Pat’s Gym! I started going to the online sessions and outdoor Friday sessions at the end of summer 2020, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The trainers at Pat’s are so kind and helpful explaining the goals and workout for the day, and i felt so much stronger mentally and physically the longer i attended. I stopped going due to moving cities, but would urge anyone in the Madison area to look to Pat’s as their gym/trainers of choice!

John Meier

Until you have actually worked with a professional trainer, you cannot truly appreciate the difference from going it alone. I have worked with both Pat and Rosa for over two years and highly recommend them both. I currently subscribe to the online training. While physical fitness is a lifelong process, results are quickly achieved from the program. Great place, great people, highly recommended.

Cecil Lingard

Pat’s is a community that supports each individual in their pursuit of being better. The atmosphere and camaraderie is infectious. Pat’s is a place to raise your standards higher than you thought was possible.

Brynn Kowalefski

I have been training at Pat’s gym for the last couple of months and it has been an amazing journey. Everyone there is so supportive and knowledgeable, which makes it the perfect environment for great workouts. The workouts are challenging but fun! I like that every time I go in for my personal training sessions I am doing something different. They really listen to your goals and work with you. Also I can not speak highly enough about everyone that works there. They are incredibly welcoming and you immediately feel comfortable there. As someone who would get a little gym shy in the past, that has not been an issue for me here. If you’re looking to invest in your self and your health I would highly recommend going to Pat’s gym.

Matthew Saltzberry

Pat is great. Listens to your unique circumstances and schedule. His online training provides creative, challenging, rewarding and result producing workouts.

Karmin Arnold

When I started at Pat’s Gym my goals were modest. I wanted to build up basic, everyday strength without risking re-injury. I was coming off a scary three year health journey and two surgeries. My doctors/surgeons told me to be grateful to be walking around independently and cautioned against exercise. I was terrified of moving, but simultaneously sick of feeling weak. Enter Pat’s. I started working out with Luke in the spring of 2021 and by summer my girlfriends couldn’t stop asking about my workout routine. Aesthetics were never my goal, but it’s been the cherry on top of a super positive experience. With Luke’s guidance I’ve safely built back my strength and then some. IMHO, his programming strikes the perfect balance of being challenging, yet approachable. I usually start by thinking, “shit I can’t do that” and sure enough, I do. And when I do “fail” (which is inevitable if you’re pushing yourself) he helps / modifies the exercise and I know my next goal. When I start to feel like I’m getting good at something it isn’t long before he is moving the goal post again — but herein lies the addiction. Fast forward five months and I’m totally hooked. His workouts are fun and the results are undeniable.
As for the rest of the Pat’s crew, they are all exceptionally friendly and encouraging. It’s not uncommon to hear Roza cheering me on from across the room when I attempt something new. It’s clear they are all incredibly passionate about what they do and I’ve had coworkers/friends who would endorse each and every one of them.
To anyone on the fence, here’s your sign to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself.

Sarah Koler

Online training with Pat Gilles is nothing less than incredible. I’ve been a member of Pat’s Gym for over three years. I started with in-person training and eventually transitioned to online training with Pat. Pat has challenged me in ways that I never knew were possible. Pat’s method keeps me engaged while pushing me out of my comfort zone. As a coach, not only is Pat a proven expert in the field, he is also creative, supportive, and kind. It’s clear that Pat truly loves what he does and has gone above and beyond to help me realize what I am capable of physically and mentallly. No matter if I’m at the gym, traveling or at home, Pat takes pride in programming to my needs. I highly recommend online training at Pat’s Gym and am honored to have Pat as my coach.

Katie Frank

Currently, I am currently working directly with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching. I started with the Get Cut Program which was intense, and the results amazing. After that Program was over, I knew I wanted and needed more. When I first started working with Pat Gilles, I found that my strength when pulling was shit. I didn’t know that I had this weakness until Pat Gilles identified it. Pat is great at creating a personalized program for me which are focused on achieving my goals. With Online Coaching, Pat will follow up with me and hold me accountable through the Online Coaching platform he created. It’s a great way to communicate. Pat is very knowledgeable and applies his knowledge in a way that is very understandable regardless what your goals are. I’m glad I met Pat Gilles.
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Ida Jo

Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym have really met and exceeded my expectations. After working with Pat Gilles for 30 days with the Get Cut Program, I saw the results and was energized. I, therefore, ended up signing up for the Online Coaching using the platform he created to make the athlete experience very good. Pat has empowered me to progress by not only designing great workouts, but he also has explained the why behind what we do. With Pat, I realize that my fitness goals are a work in progress. We are always talking about where I am, and what should be my next goal. I love the fact that the workouts change along with me, or I change along with the workouts! I’m motivated to keep going because there’s always something new to be working on.
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Amy Miller

About three months ago, I was introduced to Pat’s Gym, and based on social media I thought it was a “little too hard core” for someone like me.   Nearly three months later, I admit that I was pretty much dead wrong. Prior to joining Pat Gilles’ Online Training, I was taking a variety of different fitness; however, the scheduling was a challenging. I am impressed by Pat’s Gym on soooo many different levels!  From the start, Pat listened to my goals, which were pretty shallow since they mainly included just to look better.  Three months in, I’m noticeably more toned and leaner.  I actually have a few abs poking out and am no longer self-conscious about my stomach. I am definitely a person who is motivated by results. I have achieved quantifiable results with Pat.  I’ve gone down one size in pretty much all of my clothes, lost a few pounds, and definitely lost some inches.  My overall fitness level has also improved and this shows up in nearly everything else I do.  From golf to a hectic day running errands, I feel stronger and more productive.  I’m hooked…. read more here

Erin Haroldson

I was introduced to Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym by a friend of mine whose arms and “pipes” I’ve admired. I checked out Pat Gilles’s Online Coaching and have been impressed since I started. Being a small business owner, I own a veterinary clinic, I find it difficult to find time to get to a gym. Therefore, I found Online Coaching with Pat Gilles to be very attractive. As I started to work with Pat, I’ve achieved nothing but positive results from the very start. Online Coaching has done so much for my physical being and even more for my stress level. Through my work with Pat I have discovered that the biggest challenges were mental toughness and recovery. Because the workouts are so varied, I am hooked and make working out a priority. Also, Pat’s focus on recovery didn’t become a priority for me until I realized that if I wanted a healthy body I had to focus on recovery. Pat incorporates recovery into my workouts, which has allowed me to challenge myself physically since I am 100% healthy and am injury-free. I hope to find myself signing up for a sprint or Olympic triathlon in the future and know that I can rely on Pat Gilles to provide training tips, words of wisdom, and a whole lot of support. I am so grateful to be training with Pat Gilles and part of the Pat’s Gym community!
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Dan Fox

I have been going to Pat’s Gym going on two years now. At Pat’s Gym, I have seen immediate and long-term results. I’ve seen a 100% change in my mental and physical health. My friends, family, and peers who have known me for a long time equally notice a significant change in my physical physique. Additionally, my coworkers and employees have noticed a positive change in my disposition and stress level. I love working at Pat’s Gym and working closely with Pat Gilles.


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Cody Markel

Cody worked directly with Pat Gilles having 3-5 personal sessions a week while working another 1-2 days a week on his own. Cody was a high school student who wanted to compete in D1 football. Specifically, Cody wanted to gain strength, muscles and remain injury free. After working with Pat over a period of time, Cody gained approximately 30 pounds of muscle. Cody was signed by Vanderbilt where he playing football. Cody’s drive, dedication, strength, and talent will take him fall. Way to go Cody!

Annie Hughes

Pat Gilles has worked with Annie for the past 8-9 years. Pat successfully coached Annie through her first Ironman in Madison, where she qualified to participate in IM-Kona. Pat has consistently worked with Annie to keep her injury and imbalance free. Annie was able to successfully compete in IM-Kona. Annie is a very competitive athlete, whose drive and passion have taken her far, and will continue to propel her into other competitive events. We’re so proud of Annie. Annie is now working with Pat with Online Coaching.

Alison Prange

Alison is a talented and driven athlete. Alison has a demanding job, but Alison wants to spend quality time with her daughter. Because Alison’s life is so busy, she needs her workouts to be efficient and tailored to her busy schedule. Working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching, Alison has successfully competed in marathons, triathlons, and other races. In 2016, Alison won the World Championships for the Concept2 8th Annual SkiErg World Sprint for her age group. Pat is coaching Alison to compete in the IM-Madison in 2018. The goals that Alison and Pat have are to prepare Alison mentally and physically for the tri, but also to keep her injury and imbalance free. Please cheer Alison on, when you see her working out, or participating in a class at Pat’s Gym.

Jeff and Katelyn Klein

Jeff and Katelyn are dedicated athletes focused on living healthy lifestyles. They started working out at Pat’s Gym about 3 years ago, and started Online Coaching with Pat Gilles about 2 years ago. Online Coaching is a great way for them to train because of their crazy-busy lives.

Jeff and Katelyn have incorporated fitness into their life style. Each Tuesday night, they have date night that involves a great workout at Pat’s Gym, followed by a dinner with fellow Pat’s Gym athletes. They also workout together on weekends with Pat Gilles designed partner workouts. Their mutual dedication for fitness serves as a great role model for their girls, and has helped solidify their already strong relationship.

Jeff and Katelyn have achieved their goals with Pat Gilles, but continue to focus on getting better, faster, and stronger. They have prioritized fitness in their lives, and don’t regret a moment of it. They love the flexibility of Online Coaching, and how it is tailored to their goals and lifestyle. When life gets too complex, they can just text Pat for a modified workout for that day, and it is done. They love the accountability of Online Coaching, and are living the results.  Read more

Wade Ferkey

I work out at Pat’s Gym five days a week. I work for Aprilaire and they have a corporate program with Pat’s Gym where our classes are subsidized by our company. It’s a great perk!
I was committed to lifting regularly during college; however, after college, I slowly transitioned to, mountain biking, sprint triathlons and running, eventually completing my first (and last) marathon.  After having kids, I found it difficult to stick to any regular routine. I found myself getting more and more out of shape.  As I was reaching 40 I could tell I was at a crossroads of getting it together or going to a point where it would be really hard to come back from.   About the same, the Aprilaire corporate wellness program was kicking off its partnership with Pat’s Gym.   I was reluctant to try it at first because I had not worked out in a class environment in the past, and I didn’t think it was my thing.   I was encouraged by a coworker to give it a try, and I am glad I did.
I now attend classes at Pat’s Gym five days a week. I’m committed to attending unless I’m in China or dead. I was overweight before I started working out. However, after starting at Pat’s Gym I gained 10 lbs as I regained strength, and then lost 30 lbs as my metabolism began to speed up and I improved my diet.
I now feel I have a good general level of fitness, and that I can come of the couch and participate in most athletic activities. I still have goals to achieve, but they are less intense. Through the classes and Pat’s Gym challenges, I continue to find weaknesses or things that I am not good at; my new goals are focused on attacking my weaknesses.  Like right now I lack the strength, balance and/or mobility to do Pistol Squats.  Once I can do those things, I will probably focus on beating my co-working on pressing weights.
What I like about Pat’s Gym is that the programming is consistent, but each trainer comes at it from a different background, and they put their own spin on the workouts. This means that each day of the week will be unique.  I love that they are also continuing to learn and try new things themselves.  After three years I am always happy when the coaches throw new things at us….which is quite frequently. I think that Pat’s has created a great community of athletes and trainers.  The gym continues to change and evolve in simple ways that keep it fresh and engaging while at the same time not moving away from the basic principles that got me hooked in the first place.

Nick Balazs

I started working out at Pat’s Gym because I was out of shape and getting winded going up and down the stairs at my house. I had back and knee pain, and wasn’t able to do the things with my kids that I wanted to do. I felt I was on my way to a heart attack.
I work for Aprilaire and they have a corporate program with pat’s Gym. I started to work out a couple of times a week, but then I started to see the results and I realized I needed to come more often. Through the core strengthening and the mobility exercises, I have gotten rid of the back pain, and I have lost from 25-30 pounds, and I am now able to do things I couldn’t do in my 20’s.
My goal at Pat’s Gym has changed. I love the environment of classes. People motivate one another and are very supportive. There is healthy competition, but never anything negative. Also, my goal for next year is to beat a couple of my co-workers for the November Concept2 Ski Challenge, which is 1000m for time.
The Coaches at Pat’s Gym are great. They all have a unique style, but they are firm believers in the Pat’s Gym philosophy. I love the environment at Pat’s Gym. The camaraderie is great, and there isn’t a lot of useless equipment cluttering the space.

Katie Hurtis

I have been training with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching for about 15 months. I have never regretted a moment of it. It has helped me come back from a broken leg. I broke my leg playing football. After the leg was healed, I was out of shape. I was struggling physically and emotionally. I didn’t know where to start in terms of getting my strength and fitness back while rehabbing from the injury. So, when I started at Pat’s Gym, I was really just wanting to rebuild a solid foundation – rebuilding my strength and mobility and starting to even out imbalances. After 15 months of Online Coaching, I’ve become a much more well-rounded athlete, and have been happier and more productive in my day-to-day life. Read more

Brian Ross

I was excited to be asked by Pat to provide a testimonial about my experience with Online Coaching. I can honestly, and without hesitation say, that Online Coaching has met and exceeded my expectations. I found out about Online Coaching from my IG feeds. I started reading about some of the workouts that were posted. The workouts looked very challenging, and not like anything I had experienced before.
I was intrigued by Online Coaching because my schedule is very busy and being able to meet a trainer at specific times would be difficult, if not impossible. With Online Coaching, I love the fact that it allows me to workout where and when I want. Also, when I’m traveling, Pat Gilles can program workouts that can be done at any gym, a hotel room, or outside. It’s very flexible.
In addition, I felt that I had plateaued with my training. I wanted to push myself to a higher level. I feel so far, after months of training, that I have no longer plateaued. My expectations have been exceeded, and I have made great gains so far.
In addition, to the benefits I get personally, I involve my kids in some of the workouts. It’s a great way to show them the way to fun workouts, but also, I can model the way for them.

Jas Reyes

I came across Pat’s gym from Lululemon’s sweat community and a friend who advised me to try a class out. I loved it since then, workouts always push me to be better – physically and mentally. You can train cardio or strength, there’s plenty of equipment or classes offered. But the coaches and gym members “athletes” are the reason I continued to come back. It became a fun environment to visit friends for a challenging sweat session. Everyone is welcoming and brings a competitive side from one another.

Kelly Rae

Kelly is a driven and passionate athlete. Kelly has been coming to Pat’s Gym for quite sometime. She is a competitive athlete and is currently getting ready for the 2016 Ironman – WI. She is always improving her fitness level. She is always game to jump in and help out a team whether it by at FYF or a Level 3 class. Kelly is also an athlete who successfully completed the Get Cut Program. She says that “it was one of the toughest programs I have ever done from a mental and physical perspective.” Kelly learned a lot from the program about how your body burns fat through workouts and proper nutrition. After the program, Kelly lost 15 pounds, but more importantly, had a new respect for her body. After the Get Cut Program, she was more motivated to challenge herself. Kelly is now working with Pat Gilles through Online Training to prepare for the Ironman – WI. Pat is sure that Kelly will do well in that competition because of her dedication to training, her passion, her persistence and attitude that she can have it all.

Matthew Dooley

Matt is an inspiration for us all. Matt successfully completed the Get Cut Program at Pat’s Gym. His results were very impressive. The Program challenged Matt in many ways, but he was up for the challenge. He quickly noticed that his weight quickly started falling, but more importantly he noticed that he was physically and functionally more fit. He dove headfirst into Pat Gilles’ philosophy, and walked away with more than confidence, he felt a sense of accomplishment and has learned to enjoy suffering through a workout. Following the Get Cut Program, Matt went on to the Strength, Lean and Defined Program. Matt felt that this program was just as beneficial as the Get Cut Program. He learned how to eat healthy, and even sometimes earning that cheat meal. Matt is leaving Madison to attend school in Chicago, but he has decided to continue training with Pat Gilles through Online Training. Matt has found Online Training to be very effective and is excited to continue seeing the results he has seen in the past year. Matt is another example of what you can accomplish by working with Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym.

Jim Gallegos

Jim came to the Gym in search of a cure for a chronic pain in his lower back. After having been accessed by Pat, he jumped right in and started taking private sessions 5 times a week. As a result of being coached by Pat, Jim’s lower back pain went away. It was due to a lack of strength in his core. Jim also lost 25lbs initially, but is now starting to bulk up, while remaining lean. Jim is mixing in Online Training with personal training because of the flexibility it offers. Jim is a corporate executive in Madison, whose schedule is chaotic and unpredictable, and Online Training allows Jim to continue to achieve his fitness goals even with a demanding work schedule and personal life – Jim has two kids with way too much energy. Jim is 55 years old, which shows us all that age is not an excuse for not working out hard, and making gains.

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