Katie And Mike

Katie and Mike are married, have two daughters (ages 4 and 2), and have demanding careers. They have made fitness a priority in their life, and a way to share something special. They started out doing classes, successfully completed the Get Cut Program, and are now doing Online Training. They were athletic before coming to Pat’s Gym, but after having been at Pat’s Gym for about a year now they have gotten “cut”, “leaned up” and “bulked up” in the right places. Working out consistently, they now have more energy and can do it all. They are fitness fiends, have energy to play with their kids, and compete in various local races. It is not unusual to see them at the Gym on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with their kids, doing their second workout for the day. They serve as an inspiration to us all.


Kelly is a driven and passionate athlete. Kelly has been coming to Pat’s Gym for quite sometime. She is a competitive athlete and is currently getting ready for the 2016 Ironman – WI. She is always improving her fitness level. She is always game to jump in and help out a team whether it by at FYF or a Level 3 class. Kelly is also an athlete who successfully completed the Get Cut Program. She says that “it was one of the toughest programs I have ever done from a mental and physical perspective.” Kelly learned a lot from the program about how your body burns fat through workouts and proper nutrition. After the program, Kelly lost 15 pounds, but more importantly, had a new respect for her body. After the Get Cut Program, she was more motivated to challenge herself. Kelly is now working with Pat Gilles through Online Training to prepare for the Ironman – WI. Pat is sure that Kelly will do well in that competition because of her dedication to training, her passion, her persistence and attitude that she can have it all.


Matt is an inspiration for us all. Matt successfully completed the Get Cut Program at Pat’s Gym. His results were very impressive. The Program challenged Matt in many ways, but he was up for the challenge. He quickly noticed that his weight quickly started falling, but more importantly he noticed that he was physically and functionally more fit. He dove headfirst into Pat Gilles’ philosophy, and walked away with more than confidence, he felt a sense of accomplishment and has learned to enjoy suffering through a workout. Following the Get Cut Program, Matt went on to the Strength, Lean and Defined Program. Matt felt that this program was just as beneficial as the Get Cut Program. He learned how to eat healthy, and even sometimes earning that cheat meal. Matt is leaving Madison to attend school in Chicago, but he has decided to continue training with Pat Gilles through Online Training. Matt has found Online Training to be very effective and is excited to continue seeing the results he has seen in the past year. Matt is another example of what you can accomplish by working with Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym.


Jim came to the Gym in search of a cure for a chronic pain in his lower back. After having been accessed by Pat, he jumped right in and started taking private sessions 5 times a week. As a result of being coached by Pat, Jim’s lower back pain went away. It was due to a lack of strength in his core. Jim also lost 25lbs initially, but is now starting to bulk up, while remaining lean. Jim is mixing in Online Training with personal training because of the flexibility it offers. Jim is a corporate executive in Madison, whose schedule is chaotic and unpredictable, and Online Training allows Jim to continue to achieve his fitness goals even with a demanding work schedule and personal life – Jim has two kids with way too much energy. Jim is 55 years old, which shows us all that age is not an excuse for not working out hard, and making gains.


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