Private Coaching
What Is Pat’s Gym?

Pat’s Gym is located in a unique space in a refurbished warehouse close to downtown Madison. In opening Pat’s Gym, Pat’s goal was to create a space where all clients feel comfortable regardless of their level of accomplishment. The only thing that is required to work out at Pat’s is the drive to physically and mentally improve your performance or state of health. Pat’s clients range from professional athletes (Packers, Black Hawks, Anaheim Ducks and others), models, students wishing to excel in specific sports, and other highly motivated individuals.

Private Coaching

At our Gym, we focus on providing members with private coaching sessions and classes aimed at elite athletes. But don’t be intimidated by the words “elite athletes.” By using those two words, we do mean those individuals who are accomplished athletes, but we include those individuals who are highly motivated and driven. In addition, it means that our elite athletes can have as high expectations of the coaches as of they have of themselves. We pride ourselves on the quality, knowledge and goal drives coaches. At Pat’s Gym, the healthy mix of athletes helps create an environment where accomplished athletes work along side other highly motivated individuals and where all athletes cheer one another on to success.

Give Us A Try

What you won’t find at Pat’s Gym are mirrors, televisions, couches or other distractions. Although, we’re serious about fitness at Pat’s Gym, we do like to have fun. The environment is very supportive and collegial. We do push our athletes to improve on a daily basis, but we don’t have a one-size-fits all approach. We work with an individual to come up with appropriate goals. We then help the athlete achieve those goals, and reset them. Our approach to physical fitness is not static, it is a journey and improvement is constant.

Come give us a try. Our highly motivated athletes really do like the Gym and their motivation grows as they accomplish their goals. I am very proud of what we’ve created together – our staff and our athletes.