Meet Amy Miller – our talented and driven profiled athlete for June.

DSC02848About three months ago, I was introduced to Pat’s Gym by Katie Frank.  We were working on a project together and she suggested I join her for a workout.  I knew of Pat’s Gym, mostly through social media, and honestly thought it was a “little too hard core” for someone like me.  Give me all the yoga classes, barre classes and cycling classes any day, I considered gyms straight up intimidating!  Nearly three months later, I admit that I was pretty much dead wrong.

Prior to joining Pat’s for Online Training, I was taking a variety of different fitness classes throughout the week, nearly a class everyday.  I like them, however the scheduling was a challenge and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  After getting my butt kicked in the workout with Katie (in a good way), I decided to give Online Training a go for three months.  I had no real expectations, but just wanted to see what it was all about.

Needless to say, I am impressed by Pat’s Gym on soooo many different levels!  From the start, Pat listened to my goals, which were pretty shallow since they mainly included just to look better.  Since having my son (eleven years ago), I’ve never felt confident about my stomach because of the stretch marks I was blessed with.  Three months in, I’m noticeably more toned and leaner.  I actually have a few abs poking out and am no longer self conscious about my stomach.  🙂

I am definitely a person who is motivated by results.  Whether it’s smaller clothing sizes, smaller measurements, or a number on the scale, I like my results quantifiable because that’s how I measure progress.  Quantifiable results are definitely something I’ve achieved with Pat.  I’ve gone down one size in pretty much all of my clothes, lost just a few pounds, and definitely lost some inches.  My overall fitness level has also improved and this shows up in nearly everything else I do.  From golf to a hectic day running errands, I feel stronger and more productive.

Apart from the results, I love the flexibility that online training offers.  If I’m traveling or short on time one day, Pat adjusts my workouts accordingly.  In three months, I have never done the same workout twice, so getting bored or going on “auto pilot” has not happened.  The flexibility part has eliminated any excuse to not workout, so now it’s just a part of my daily life.

Apart from being convenient, the gym has a positive and encouraging atmosphere.  It is also nice and clean!  When I am there, I never really feel like I am working out alone.  There are almost always other athletes or coaches around to chat with or ask questions if I need to.  Plus the “how to” videos that accompany the workouts are super helpful.  I’ve met some great people and even made some friends!

The online training with Pat has definitely made a positive impact in my life.  Overall, I feel so much healthier.  My body looks better, and with that comes confidence and, to put it in a corny way, more self love.  My relationship with food has also improved as I learn more and more about how to eat, what to eat and when to eat.  It’s not just “another workout” but a complete lifestyle change both mentally and physically.

Overall, Pat’s Gym is an amazing product and experience!  Pat is always on top of things, and that sets a great example for everyone who “follows’ him.  As a business owner, I am always motivated by other entrepreneurs and he is no exception.  His passion and commitment show up in spades, and for me, that’s actually more inspiring than a lot of the athletic accomplishments I see.  Working out at Pat’s Gym reminds me that the only limitations we have are truly the ones we put on ourselves.  And even though I swore  I wouldn’t give up cake and wine, I’ve mostly given up cake and wine (but by my own choice!).  As an entrepreneur and mom, finding some sense of balance within my lifestyle has always been challenging.  I feel like I am finally finding that balance, and attribute so much of that accomplishment to the lifestyle changes I’ve incorporated since joining Pat’s Gym