Meet Ida, a passionate and driven athlete, who has prioritized her fitness goals as #1.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.44.30 AMMeet Ida – an athlete who is extremely busy, but still finds time to make fitness a priority!

Pat’s Gym has really met and exceeded my expectations. I emailed Pat Gilles, owner of Pat’s Gym, because I was in a winter rut, and knew I was not getting enough exercise. I practiced yoga consistently, but I was lacking strength in order to keep progressing.

After contacting Pat, I started the Get Cut Program in February of 2016. I was energized from the results, I then went on to try the Strength, Lean and Defined Program. I found the results to be impressive from that program, so then I started working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching.

When I started working with Pat, we focused on improving my upper body strength. In addition, we introduced cardio because I wasn’t very efficient with my aerobic capacity. Lastly, we realized I lacked coordination in big muscle movements; I found kettlebell swings to be hard, in addition, to any movement that required power.

Pat has empowered me to progress by not only designing great workouts, but also he has explained the why behind what we do. For example, Pat pointed out that I needed to work on Power and Power Endurance energy systems. I didn’t realize what that was but once he explained it, and I understood, I was motivated to get better at working on these systems.

With Pat, I realize that my fitness goals are a work in progress. We are always talking about where I am, and what should be my next goal. Lately, Pat prepared me to run a half-marathon. I went in with confidence, and (as Pat put it) “a desire to have fun with the experience.” I was definitely prepared, and did very well in the race. Now, I am talking to Pat about running a second half-marathon.

I love the fact that the workouts change along with me, or I change along with the workouts! I’m motivated to keep going because there’s always something new to be working on. I love that it’s always different, so it stays fresh and I have not gotten hurt from repetitive motions/exercises. I grew up studying classical violin, then studied yoga for many years. Violin taught me how to practice and stick with something, yoga reinforced it, so luckily sticking with my workouts isn’t too tough.

I have prioritized working out. My life is very busy, with traveling and all, but I have to choose making time for the gym over other things that aren’t as important. The nice thing about Online Coaching is I can ask for shorter workouts on busier days. That way I still get it in and feel like I didn’t let the day get away from me, but also have time for other commitments.

I love Online Coaching. Part of the challenge of working out is I must find my own motivation. Online Coaching helps me with my motivation. I actually like to be on my own when working out. I like to focus on what I’m doing and fit it into my day whenever it works out best. It’s just been a great complement to the way I learn, and what I love experiencing.

What I like about Pat’s Gym is that things aren’t sugarcoated. If you have a goal, the gym will absolutely help you achieve it, but you will be asked to change your habits to make it happen. In the health and fitness culture, there are so many gimmicks such as “Amazing abs in 8 minutes” and so many promises that you can keep the same nutrition habits, not really exercise and completely change your body. It’s just not true, and I like that at Pat’s Gym, the promises are real as long as you put in the effort.

Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym have changed my life. They have certainly made me stronger in many ways! Pat talks a lot about Mental Toughness and that translates into everyday life. Physically, I am way more fit than I was and excited to continue with it! I love this journey!