Athlete of the Month

Introduction: Jeff and Katelyn are now Online Coaching athletes who work directly with Pat Gilles. They have been working with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching for about 2 years now. Previously, they took classes at Pat’s Gym and took personal coaching sessions with Pat. However, with a busy life….kids and work….Online Coaching makes sense. It takes the guessing game out, and now both Jeff and Katelyn can focus on the personalized workouts that are designed for their unique goals and needs.

Katelyn and Jeff love sharing their workouts together. It’s a great way to stay connected, while being busy with kids, friends and professionally.

Starting Off:  Katelyn’s first experience with Pat’s was by attending classes sporadically for two years starting in 2013. However, after the birth of their third child, Jeff gave Katelyn a package of personal training sessions. After Katelyn’s first personal session with Pat, Katelyn remarked to jeff that “Pandora’s Box has just been opened.” Katelyn has been training with Pat for almost three years now, and doing Online Coaching for two.  Jeff started to work with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching a few months after Katelyn started.

Their Goals:  Katelyn’s goals when starting were to lose the remaining body weight after having a baby, gaining lean muscle mass, and become more familiar with lifting. Jeff was to regain the fitness level he once had when fitness was his primary focus.  The problem for Jeff and Katelyn is time; therefore, Online Coaching works because it holds both of them accountable, and Pat does a great job of doing that.

Having been consistent members of Pat’s Gym, and training with Pat Gilles either in personal training sessions or through Online Coaching, Jeff and Katelyn’s goals have changed over the years. They are always better/faster/stronger.  And to demonstrate their achievements, both Jeff and Katelyn have both achieved a sacred goal at the gym….earning a Pat Gym Hoodie by winning the monthly challenge.

Prioritizing Fitness:  Online training comes with a price tag and this has helped both of us stick with it.  The customized workouts and access to Pat for questions/workout changes/modifications has been really beneficial.

It’s hard to find time for fitness in a crazy, busy life, but Jeff and Katelyn have. Katelyn fits in her workouts shortly after school drop offs. A couple days a week she even brings one of my daughters with her to the gym. It’s fun to workout alongside her daughter. For Jeff, his schedule changes each week. Jeff makes an effort to work out on any of his days off, and on workdays, Pat will assign Jeff a quick but intense workout that jeff can do in the basement after the girls are sleeping.

Jeff and Katelyn have almost made Tuesday night their date night, and attend a class at Pat’s Gym. They get a babysitter, head to class, participate in an amazing workout with friends, and then grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Online Coaching:  Both Katelyn and Jeff train with Pat Gilles with Online Coaching. One of the biggest perks is the convenience.  Every day, there are personalized workouts focused on achieving their goals. Pat uses the feedback that both Jeff and Katelyn provide him to design future workouts. They also like the fact that they have access to Pat’s Gym on a 24/7 basis. And when their schedule changes, Jeff and Katelyn can text Pat and on a moment’s notice, their workouts are updated/changed to reflect the unpredictable issues that arise in everyday life.

Impact of Training with Pat Gilles:  Online Coaching has made fitness more of a focal point for our whole family. Being able to go into the gym whenever our schedule allows (bringing 1-3 kids if necessary) and getting a workout in has been a game changer for both of us. It’s also great because it has positively impacted our relationship.

In addition to the Tuesday night date nights, Katelyn and Jeff also workout on the weekends together. Pat Gilles designs some great partner workouts. In addition, sometimes Jeff and Katelyn will pack up the whole family and head to the gym to get a workout in. The workouts have been a great way to further solidify the strong relationship that their family already has. Jeff and Katelyn like to to encourage each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate successes they have in their workouts.