Dan Fox Athlete of the Month

DSC01494I have been going to Pat’s Gym going on two years now. My job is very physically demanding going from 0-60 on a daily basis; I knew that if I didn’t start to take care of my body something detrimental was going to happen. At that point in my life, I saw a “before and after” picture of a close friend who participated in the “Get Cut Program” and the results were undeniable.

When I first started working out at Pat’s Gym, my goals were simple. I just wanted to be all-around healthy and strong. The specific issues I wanted to focus on were curing a recurring shoulder pain, and to stop the weight gain. Over this period of time, my goals have been accomplished. However, now I am working on more personal goals such as winning the month challenge at Pat’s Gym, and lifting heavier weight. I’m also focused on doing a “muscle up.” I’m close.

I love going to Pat’s Gym, and I really like working very close with Pat. I like the physical and mental results, in addition to the overall health benefits, including having more energy. At this point, working out and being healthily has become a priority. I schedule other appointment around my workouts.

At Pat’s Gym, I have seen immediate and long-term results. I’ve seen a 100% change in my mental and physical health. My friends, family and peers who have known me for a long time equally notice a significant change in my physical physique. Additionally, my coworkers and employees have noticed a positive change in my disposition and stress level.

I appreciate how Pat’s Gym is a space where there functional; there is only equipment that is used. There isn’t any “fluff” at Pat’s Gym; meaning, all equipment is used. Also, the other athletes are serious about their time spent in the space. I would highly recommend Pats Gym to anyone.