The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Remember when my amazing wife, Roza, surprised me with a Christmas gift…..Today was my 7th Laser hair removal at  Milan Laser. The ritual is getting easier each time and the results have truly been amazing. There is still some preparation needed before I go, and I want to take you through the process. 

I needed to shave the area I was getting treated before the appointment. If you don’t, the technician or dermatologist will trim or shave the area for you. As the beam travels through the hair shaft, a lot of energy is being absorbed. You want to have short hair so when the light goes through it, there’s enough left to hit and damage the follicle. Each treatment I have less and less hair to shave because it is working. 

I needed to stay out of the sun which hasn’t’ a problem living in WI in the winter and fall. You don’t want to have sun exposure on the area you’re treating for roughly three weeks before your session.

The reason is two-fold: Because the laser works best on light skin and dark hair, you don’t want your skin to be tan and hair slightly bleached from the sun. This also means you can’t use self-tanners before your appointment. What’s more, you don’t want to risk damage to your skin.

I went in a room that was cold but comfortable. I removed my shirt, put on protective glasses form the laser, laid down, and my technician drew a grid to ensure the entire area of my chest got treated. It was quick and to be honest not that painful. It took about 15 minutes and every nurse you work with is highly skilled and easy to talk with. 

After the treatment you will apply a soothing cream to alleviate redness and inflammation. It kind of felt like having a mild sunburn. Post-treatment you need to follow a few rules because you’re injuring the skin temporarily. You want it to heal before you go into excessive heat because it can cause more swelling and discomfort. After 48 hours, I could hit up a sauna, go in the steamer, and work out. I went to the from desk and booked out my next appointment on the calendar. I was happy with my experience and grateful for Roza for the amazing gift. She took the time to find a great Laser hair removal center and did her research finding Milan Laser that had amazing reviews. 

Later that night and the next day I had no issues at all on my chest, and in the past when I waxed my hair it would have already started coming back. With laser treatment there was no hair, and I had no itchiness. I enjoyed the benefits right away with working out the next day. I am excited to see how much progress I have already had and look forward to sharing my experience on a personal level.