Morning aerobic cardio work

I really enjoy morning aerobic cardio work. I try to incorporate this into my training 2-3x a week along with my normal weightlifting. It helps me feel loose and helps get the endorphins flowing. It helps me get more volume without overdoing it or overtraining. It builds a great aerobic base which will help you recovery faster between hard sets and workouts.

Cardio will increases your caloric expenditure without messing with the appetite control center with super high-intensity workouts that lead to craving sugars and processed foods. It shakes off the cobwebs from the day before so I feel looser and more primed for the day ahead. My morning cardio can look like the circuit below or it can be as simple as a morning walk. 

If you want some great aerobic progressions contact me and I can help set up a program for you. First question is: Should you be doing cardio? 

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Want to know more about what Pat's Gym offers?