Nutrition doesn’t need to confuse you but have a philosophy to guide you.

At times, it can be hard to stay on course with a healthy diet, but it all starts with a healthy philosophy and that will guide you. Each day we make many decisions about eating and we don’t think about it. That is where we need some discipline and a framework to guide you. Also, once you start being consistent with your philosophy, the choices become easier. 

So, for example, you want to eat pure foods, that are organic and include unadulterated grains. That is a great philosophy. When you’re hungry and you’re going to grab something to eat you will stick with fruit, whole grain snacks, veggies and the like. Almond butter or peanut butter works well too. Eggs from free range chickens are another way to stay consistent with your philosophy. It will keep you away from sugars, white breads and the like.  

Another example would be a Mediterranean diet. You will stick with veggies, fish, olive oils, salmon/fish and couscous over macaroni. This has been shown to be a healthier diet with nice benefits. 

Being a vegetarian is another philosophy, as is being on a keto diet. Remember to stick with organic, and local foods when possible. 

Also, mix it up with veggies, fruits and the like. Make sure chicken doesn’t have antibiotics or hormones, and that meat is grass fed. 

A diet doesn’t have to be complex. It can be simple. I do recommend food prep so that when you’re hungry there is healthy food to keep you away from binging and eating junk food. 

Remember healthy decisions, will eventually lead to healthy habits. 

DM me if you have any questions about your diet.