Eat for energy, and avoid those energy zappers

In this environment where we find ourselves, there is a lot of stress and energy is needed to get through the day. Too many appointments, conflicting demands, and zoom calls. We are busy, stressed and many times our workouts will suffer. 

I eat so that I have higher energy levels. The right combinations of foods, at the right time will give you a boost. Here are a few things to help you get through the day with the energy you need:

  • Throughout the day – eat 3 larger meals and 2 smaller ones in-between. Eating every three hours is a great way to have a healthy metabolism and will prevent you from being famished and snacking unwisely. 
  • Eat enough foods, but don’t eat too much. Eat until you’re feel, but not stuffed. You want to be comfortable when you’re finished, not uncomfortable. 
  • A healthy meal is one that is balanced and includes foods from many food groups – whole grains, lean proteins and a lot of fruits and vegetables. Remember with veggies get colorful veggies – this way you’re mixing up the antioxidants and vitamins/minerals.
  • Snacks are okay. They should have lean protein and be fiber rich – giving you enough carbs to provide lasting energy. An apple or banana with almond butter is great. Carrots and cheese are great. Plain yogurt with berries are good too. 
  • Don’t overdo the sugars, caffeine or energy drinks. These items will give you a buzz but will also have an associated energy crash. 
  • Also, drink enough water – this will keep you healthy and avoid dehydration which will also zap your energy. 
  • Also, make sure you sleep enough. When you’re tired, you will lack energy and can lead to bad food choices. 

You have a lot of choices, now make the right ones – eat for energy that will get your through the day! 

DM me with any questions you have about nutrition.