Pat’s Gym Monthly Challenges

Pat’s Gym Monthly Challenges – Each Month at Pat’s Gym we have a Monthly Challenge which helps our athletes identify weaknesses and is a great way for our athletes to compete against one another. September’s Monthly Challenge is a tough one. This one favors no one, but all can win it! We hope that this encourages you all to try!
October Monthly Challenge – This month’s challenge will be fun, but intense. It
Consists of various exercises that will tax various parts of your body, that will help you identify various imbalances and weaknesses. Give this one a try, which only takes 10mins, and see what you can do. The workout consists of the following:

Max reps in 10mins of a plate complex
Squat to press
Ground to Overhead
Overhead Squats
Front Squat
Burpee onto plate
Start at 1 of each, then 2, then 3, etc.
Plates – Females use 25# plate, Males use 45# plate

September Monthly Challenge – This challenge was very popular. Maybe it was because it involved only one exercise, or because it would only take a few minutes. Regardless why our athletes participated, they had a lot of fun and the results were impressive. The challenge was:

It’s max reps of bamboo bench press.
Females used 2×25# KBs and males used 2×50# KBs attached with blue bands on the outside rungs of the bar.
The bar could not rest on the chest, and full extension was required
Once the bar was racked that is your total number of reps

The winners of the September Monthly Challenge were Eric Sokn with 43 presses, and Gretchen Zahorik with 74 presses. Please join me in congratulating these stellar athletes.