Weekend Power Endurance Workout

Each weekend, I have been testing myself with heavy KB’s ranging from 100-203#. Kettlebells this heavy is a physical and mental test each time I do them. You need to focus on them, and can’t be distracted. It’s a mental test because your mind will race, but you need to calm it and focus on what you’re doing. I like giving myself a certain amount of time to work up to heavy. That way I protect myself and stay on task.
Cleaning the 203# KB up to my shoulder is extremely intimidating by the sheer size of the bell alone. Once I get used to the weight and focused on technique and power, I have been able to succeed on holding it at the top position.
After the power and strength sets, I did a solid power endurance breathing ladder. I used the BikeErg and SkiErg which I find complement each other really well focusing on different muscles. On the long ladders, the machines get easier and the set movements get harder.
Try this workout, and let me know what you think!

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