IWT’s are always nasty, but half of the battle is fighting your mind.

Every week has an IWT (interval weight training) workout for me. These workouts might be the toughest workouts mentally that we do in the gym, and some of the most athletically functional transferable workouts. I love using the machines in these workouts cause numbers never lie

When assigning numbers for an IWT, make sure you pick numbers that will make you want to quit and get your MHR over 90%. I also like to go negative splits on these workouts to train my body and mind to get stronger throughout the session.

Recently, I have been incorporating muscles ups and HSPU for more of a challenge because we are not efficient at the movements yet and they are extremely taxing. Usually we do a mix of machines, but we wanted to focus on the SkiErg with the world ski sprints coming up.

Feel free to adjust the numbers if you give this a g, and the first numbers were for Roza and the second were for me. We do this format once a week and I wish I could say they get easier, but you just get stronger, so the numbers always need to be adjusted to make it a challenge. Good luck and stick with the allotted rest periods.

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