A bit of strength, a bit of strength endurance – this one was tough!

This workout was a great mix of energy systems; this one was a split between strength and some strength endurance. Because my main goal is focused on the SkiEerg, I started with the SkiErg sets.
After the SkiErg, I did a great dynamic bench press — it was pure strength! I changed up the grip because it focuses on different muscles during the bench press (triceps, anterior deltoids, pectoralis major and minor).
I used chains and bands to make it harder at the top position and easier at the bottom. Using bands, you will have constant tension so you will really have to focus on the eccentric part. With chains, you will have to focus on powering through the movement. The bamboo tricep extension was a great proprioception movement that engaged many small muscles.
We had fun with the locked-out position on the sled pulls; it was amazing how the triceps burned and gave out before we felt anything in the legs. This was a great all-around workout with an emphasis on pushing and upper body focus
You should try it!

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