A few movements to ensure back and knee health – try it

On this day, I wanted to do movements that would help me have a healthier back and knees. Also, I wanted something to help ward off imbalances. Single leg movements are extremely beneficial and can take your squat game to the next level, and that’s what I wanted too. 

The exercises I did, were part of my strength endurance workout. These exercises were extremely beneficial for anterior and posterior recruitment 

On the Curtsy Rack hold step downs, your rear foot will lightly tap the ground with tension remaining on the standing leg.  On the Cossack squats, I used the KB to stay vertical with the torso and really feel a good stretch that feels comfortable without pain. Reverse contra lunges are great for single leg strength in a dynamic fashion. On the split stance lunges I used a KB overhead and one in farmer hold position. The cross-body position engages more core and helps with a deeper stretch with the range of motion 

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