A fun partner workout – playing together means staying together….

This workout is a partner workout. Roza and I workout a lot together. She pushes me when I lack energy, and I’ll push her when she in may not be in a mood to workout. Working out together has allowed us to experience one another in a different situation, which has brought us together.
This workout was a good mix of energy systems tapping into power, strength endurance, and power endurance. I started off with a bear complex which is deceivingly difficult. The goal of this workout is to do all rounds unbroken and it teaches you to be efficient on the movements. The grip starts to go first and then the panic breathing of the weight. Make sure you have perfect form before you go up in weight.
After that, I did some OHS work with dip holds between. I love the 10-1 ladder format going up in weight each set to help with technique and it gives me the volume I need to improve on a specific lift
The “cool down” was a nasty EMOM circuit incorporating death by burpees. The longer you go on this format the worse it gets. Having Roza as a partner is always nice cause she is so mentally/physically strong. If you don’t have a partner set the machines up for 50cals on each machine and don’t pace from the beginning.

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