A fun Strength Workout with a New Toy!

I love experimenting with new equipment today, and today’s tool was amazing. I used a pentagon bar made by Promotion. First of all, unpacking the bar was exciting. With each unwrapping of a piece of the tool, I was amazed at its quality. I love when people take pride in what they make. In addition, looking good, I found the Pentagon bar to be very effective.
For this workout, I warmed up with some good carries for structural integrity and alignment. After the warm-up, I did a complex with the Pentagon bar. The bar loads my core and body in different ways that I’m used to. I loved how I needed to adjust my foot and body position to adapt to the different loads with each exercise. The complex hit every part of my body. Although the Pentagon bar was harder than with a traditional bar, it felt safer. I look forward to adding this in my program more and eventually getting one for the gym after I test it some more.
In finished with some good hip activation and explosive work. I really do enjoy new equipment.

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