A Strength Endurance workout, that focuses both on strength and breathing – try it!

For this workout, I wanted that would challenge my strength, while also focused on heavy breathing. The main part of the workout today was the strength endurance on the loaded step ups.

Loading positions make a difference in how you adapt and experience a movement stimulus, so I wanted to tap into many different forms to and see if I could find a weakness. Sometimes when I see my athletes stall in progress or plateau, one of the first things I consider is changing the loading implement or position in order to get their body and mind to start changing again.

Using a heavy ball or sandbag really engages the upper and lower back. The weight on the chest will force you to brace and breath in different ways. Using a barbell, I wanted maximal load. For this one, you can put the bar on your back or place it so you are doing front squats. Just note that the back position is not for everyone; especially, those people who lack thoracic mobility. If you cannot remain neutral in the low back while performing knee and hip flexion don’t do this one. 

Using KB’s in the rack position is ideal for prioritizing shoulder and scapular strength. Using a farmer hold really destroys the grip and engages the forearms. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these movements when performed with great form. I tend to gravitate more towards the rack hold and awkward heavy ball.

Give this workout a try, and find your weakness. Let me know what you think…..

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