A Strong Spine is necessary to make gains…

It’s important to focus on structural movements, to help combat T-spine problems. Over the years, I have seen many individuals have problems with thoracic spines. The problem begins because we all sit so much at our desk or in chairs for extended periods of time. This sitting will make the segments of your spine pitched into flexion more than it should. For that reason and many others, it is important to do some daily maintenance and mobility work in that area

I like to incorporate the following into my workouts to stay healthy, and it only take around 10 minutes. On the T-spine opener there are two head positions. Forward and back, and you will hold each of them for around 60sec. You can adjust your hips and make them higher or lower based on what feels best. Pull overs are great for dynamic range of motion. Keep your pelvis tucked so that the T-spine is the focus and really focus on lowering slowly

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