All fat is not created equal. Educate yourself!

When it comes to fat, it’s best to avoid it. All studies show that it’s bad for health. However, all fat is not created equal. For women, fat usually accumulates around the hips, resulting in a pear-shaped look. In men, fat tends to build up around the abdomen, creating an apple shape. As this study shows, it’s healthier to be a pear rather than an apple. However, regardless it is best to avoid fat whenever possible.
This study was performed on mice, but the researchers established that fat patterns in mice are very similar to fat patterns in humans. Also, the team shows that the way female mice gain weight is different than the way male mice gain weight. They established similarities in weight gain in men and women.
Female women and mice deposit fat differently than their male counterparts. Females deposit fat right below the skin, while males accumulate fat deeper, in the body’s visceral region, which may affect internal organs. However, women who are obese will build up deep fat similar to men.
This study showed the negative impacts on abdominal fat. I’ve written about the negative impacts of abdominal fat from previous studies. As I started this post, it’s best to avoid the accumulation of fat, but abdominal fat is the worst. This type of fat leads to cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes.