An EMOM that never disappoints – try it!

I love my EMOMs because they tend to be a grind, but when designed right, will test the memory and those voices in your head that you can’t finish. When those voices enter, the fun begins. Today’s EMOM didn’t disappoint.

The goal of this EMOM was to pre-fatigue the body with a gymnastic skill movement. The first part of each EMOM should not take longer than 30sec so you need to scale the reps and weight accordingly to make it work. With the gymnastics movements, you need to scale to the minimum reps before you scale the beginning movement. 

The rep ranges also exist to allow you to use the number so you can hit them unbroken. If you can’t do a ring muscle up do a bar MU or explosive pull ups – this EMOM is about power. If you don’t have access to a skierg, do the bike twice because it will take too long to row with the transitions or sub in burpees. 

My rule is always don’t make it harder until you can hit all the rounds and don’t get lazy and turn it into an AMRP. Have fun with this and if you are not ready for the gymnastic movements don’t get discouraged and put a plan together to get better at them or DM for some help 

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