An Exciting Start to 2019

An Exciting Start to 2019 – It’s never too early to start planning for success! Pat Gilles and his coaches are already planning how to start out 2019 so that you are set up for success to achieve those 2019 fitness goals. Pat’s Gym will be offering a Get Cut class/program which is one of our most popular offerings. It’s a very effective way to motivate yourself, see incredible results, in only 35 days. In addition, we will be offering specials on classes, private sessions, and Online Coaching for commitments of 1 year. You need to be committed to fitness, in order to have success. Everything that we will be offering in January 2019, will help support you with your goals, will motivate you to achieve those goals, and the results will further motivate you. It’s hard to fail with the team of coaches we have that will help guide you to success, and who will hold you accountable for working out. Start planning now for January 1, 2019.