An IWT – it may feel like WTF when you’re doing them, but it’s a great format

IWTs are one of my favorite workout formats. I have been on a gymnastic kick lately because of the amazing results it has had on my core. So, I wanted to combine an IWT with gymnastics movements and see how my technique and overall fitness held up. This workout brings a combination of Strength, Skill, and High Effort Aerobic Cardiovascular.Training these things together gives an efficient and effective training session.

Functional sessions like these bring several disciplines and concepts together into one place so you can make the most of that 45-60mins in the gym, and continue to make purposeful progress in your training. Too often I see when athletes get to a certain skill level in their training, they abandon their strict strength work. By performing work-rest scenarios like this you can still get in great strength work with aerobic sessions.

For this workout, I’m giving you modifications/options you can make based upon your skill level. I also included a handstand walk after the breathing mainly to teach myself how to perform a technical skill when my HR is extremely elevated. It makes you focus on efficiency, and a similar focus on what muscles you need to recruit to have success for the task at hand. 

Have “fun” with this one and it doesn’t take long to get results with an intense session like this. Let me know what you think.

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