Another reason for eating fish!

In past blogs, I’ve discussed the benefits of eating fatty fish or taking quality fish supplements. Now a new study suggests that eating fish could help protect the brain against the detrimental effects of air pollution. So now besides helping control triglycerides, high blood pressure, and inflammation, this is another benefit of eating fish.

Studies have shown that air pollution is associated with decreases in brain size/density, which may increase the risk of memory and thinking problems as we age. This is not something that we should ignore.

This recent study showed that people who had higher blood levels of omega-3s had significantly greater volumes of white matter in their brains, and the adverse effects of pollution was smaller in those who had high blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids. 

It’s important to remember when you’re eating fish, pick a fish that comes from a great source. Stay away from farmed fish and stick with wild. Some farmed fish may be good, but it’s hard to determine which is and isn’t. You want to stay away from antibiotics and other additives that are prevalent with farmed fish. Wild fish means that it is caught in the wild. However, you need to be aware of where the fish has come from and understand if it is coming from polluted waters that are high in contaminants such as mercury. In addition, fish that is not dense also packs less of harmful contaminants than flakey fish. Some fishes to limit how much you eat are Spanish maceral, blue fin tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper, Monkfish and Orange Roughy. 

Don’t be paranoid and avoid fish; just be educated and select based upon the information.