Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month – Meet a busy individual who prioritizes his health;the athlete we’re profiling this month is someone who is an enthusiastic athlete who makes sure he attends Pat’s Gym classes and has seen the results 

Aaron was exposed to Pat’s Gym, by Pat’s sister. Jenny brought Aaron to a class, but it took Aaron a while to join as a class member. Aaron is on the “all you can train” class pass. Aaron has been working out at Pat’s for about 1.5 years.

Growing up, Aaron hated sports. Aaron was the guy you say in the outfield playing in the glass. It wasn’t until the end of high school that Aaron started to run long distances. This is how he became interested in how the body supports the mind, and how the mind can limit the body. 

Aaron like Pat’s Gym for many reasons. Aaron likes the challenging workouts, the camaraderie, and the fact that in classes Aaron doesn’t have choices to make. The design of the class, done by Pat Gilles himself, determines the workout. When Aaron went to the gym by himself, he couldn’t always convince himself to do something challenging. Aaron even liked those classes where 100 burpees were included in the design. It’s challenging, but fun.

Aaron’s family has a rich history of heart disease and diabetes, so Aaron is all
about functional fitness and working out to maintain a healthy life. Also, Aaron finds that Pat’s Gym classes will help him forget his busy/stressful life for an hour a day, and he can concentrate on a series of concrete physical tasks versus what is next to do on his list. The mental break is priceless for Aaron.

Aaron has used Pat’s Gym to help him stay interested in physical activity after a knee injury and surgery. Aaron has started to find that he is interested in strength, power and endurance – before, Aaron was limited with running long distances. Aaron is also finding more pleasure in setting small goals—like improving hanging grip strength—and working slowly to get there.

As with most Pat’s Gym athletes, Aaron has found what keeps him coming back are the coaches. They are talented. In addition, the other athletes are amazingly supportive. The classes are changing Aaron’s perceptive of being an unathletic person, and it has helped empower him with regard to his athletic capabilities

Aaron loves working out at Pat’s Gym. For someone who is not competitive, the workouts at Pat’s have helped round out his fitness level with balances of cardio and strength in a supportive community environment. Aaron loves the genuine and warm people at Pat’s Gym. There is no gym in town that is friendlier than Pat’s. 

Come into Pat’s Gym and see what it’s all about. You will definitely see Aaron working out in a class. He’s such an inspiration.