Athlete of the Month

Meet this week’s athlete of the Month – We’re proud to introduce to you Sarah – an athlete who has goals and is passionate about achieving her goals.

Sarah came into Pat’s Gym looking to gain strength after having had two injuries due to hypermobility. Also, Sarah was looking to learn and change her life. Sarah had heard about Pat’s Gym at a Pat’s Gym event hosted by Alliant Energy/MGE/Findorff for various charities, also sponsored by Heritage Tavern, Metcaff’s and Lululemon. Something about Pat’s Gym kept drawing Sarah in. Finally, in February of 2019, Sarah made the leap and started to work out at Pat’s Gym. 

For most of her adult life, Sarah has done activities that were physical. She grew up around athletes, and physical fitness was simply part of life. Although, Sarah was always active, she never was a competitive athlete. 

Sarah loves the people at Pat’s Gym. She loves the feel of the community vibe. People are kind and there is no pretentiousness or egos around. Sarah loves the workouts because no workout is ever the same, and she likes being pushed. The workouts have made Sarah realize that physically and mentally she is more capable of doing things than she ever imagined.

After working out at Pat’s Gym for six months, Sarah feels stronger in her shoulders, arms and quads. Her injuries, which made her feel broken, are going away. Her new goal is working on doing pull ups and working to gain better endurance. She has a goal and is passionate and consistent – Sarah will definitely achieve her goals. 

Sarah loves being part of Pat’s Gym and doing Personal Training and Online Coaching. Sarah loves going into Pat’s Gym because it d place where she feels empowered and inspired. She also loves the fact that each workout kicks her butt, but she never feels defeated. Sarah is seeing and feeling the results – it’s a great accomplishment.  

Sarah use to spend a lot of time in the gym, but she found it boring. She would focus on cardio and minimal weight training because she was not educated. Working with a coach at Pat’s Gym has opened her eyes and mind to a whole new world of physical fitness. Sarah feels empowered because she will take this knowledge and use it forever. Sarah’s journey has just started, but she already feels like she has learned so much. She is so grateful for what Pat’s Gym, Roza Gilles, and Pat Gilles have taught her.  

Also, what Sarah loves is the empowerment. It’s not only the empowerment at the Gym that Sarah loves, it’s how it has expanded into her everyday life which ultimately feeds her self-confidence. It’s brought on a lot more energy, and overall happiness. It’s been a great journey so far, and Sarah is excited about where this will take her.