Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month – Pat’s Gym is excited to announce its athlete for October 2018. This athlete is very driven and focused on his goals. He is 60 years old, but that has not given him any excuses to slow down, and he keeps pushing himself. Eric is an inspiration for all of us.

Eric is employed by Aprilaire a division of Research Products Corporation. Pat’s Gym and Aprilaire have a partnership that allows Aprilaire employees to workout at Pat’s Gym five days a week. Eric has been working out and taking advantage of this benefit for the past five years. Eric started by taking 2 classes per week to see how he liked it, and to see if he would see results. Two classes a week eventually led to three classes a week and eventually the results motivated Eric to attend classes five days a week.

Eric has had two surgeries, and each required him to take 4 – 6 months away from physical activity. Although Eric had to take it easy initially coming back into the gym, the coaches at Pat’s Gym were able to help him return. While it was a class that Eric attended the coaches were able to tailor the workouts to help Eric recover. 

Eric believes that even after five years, the classes are still challenging and always have something new. The classes are tailored to provide a changing level of challenge and reach the individual’s failure point regardless of class conditioning level, as long as you bring 100% effort.  As the fitness level improves Eric was pushed to lift heavier weights and put out more calories on each machine than he did when he started. Eric has recognized that you recover much faster as your fitness improves, which allows you to feel great doing 5 workouts a week, sometimes still a little sore, but in a good way!

Eric loves the coaches at Pat’s Gym because they constantly change the workout routines so that it never gets boring, and they add in safe alternatives if there are any injuries or physical limitation you have. The coaches at Pat’s Gym have helped Eric work around and through injuries, finding modifications that work the same muscle groups, but eliminate the impact or adjust for my flexibility limitations.

Eric loves the Pat’s Gym classes. Eric loves pushing himself daily, and his effort level. In classes, the people are much younger than he is, but they keep pushing him. They push hard every day, and Eric loves it.

Eric is the winner of the Pat’s Gym September Monthly Challenge. Eric was able to lift 43 bench presses with the bamboo earthquake bar. Eric beat out many other talented athletes, who are much younger than he is, and he did so with such great humility. If you see Eric at Pat’s Gym, introduce yourself to him and be ready to be inspired.