Athlete of the Month

This month we want to profile as the athlete of the month, one of our new coaches. Coach Luke has been with the gym for the past 6 months, and has drawn a following that is well deserved. You definitely should attend one of Coach Luke’s classes, and try a private with him.

Coach Luke has always been interested in sports. Throughout his younger years, Luke was always active in various sports including golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and cross country. However, in high school, Luke started to experiment with weight training, and his focus on that sport continued into college where he started to experiment with CrossFit.This introduction to intense workouts showed him the benefits of strength training.
Luke specializes in Olympic lifts, but he is very knowledgeable about all other types of training too. So regardless of your goals, Coach Luke can tailor your training to achieve your goals. Coach Luke also keeps classes interesting with the diversity of exercises.
Luke loves to coach because he likes to help people live healthy lifestyles. Luke selected Pat’s Gym as the place to train because of the uniqueness of the gym and the Pat’s Gym philosophy. Luke is continuing to advance his teaching techniques by working on advanced movements, such as cleans, snatches, muscle ups, handstand walks, and many more. He is continuing to focus on functional training so he can compete in a wide variety of sports and events.