Back injury? It doesn’t mean you have to forgo your workouts…. 

Don’t be afraid to avoid something completely if you have an injury. Just focus on some simple rules to set you up for success and still get stronger during an injury. When dealing with back pain focus on these things to still get amazing workouts.

Support your mid and upper back on a stable surface to isolate your glutes and hips. Pick a movement that keeps your back in a neutral position. Make sure you include lower body isometrics into your upper body training. Take advantage of bands to make isometrics harder. Here are a few fun exercises you can still do:

  • If you’re doing hamstring curls keep your back in neutral position and support your upper back on the ground. 
  • Step ups with a rack hold is great for keeping your back in a neutral position just make sure you use a box that is not to tall 
  • Piston presses in a bridge are a great way to include your lower body while working your upper body. Focus on squeezing your gluteus together the entire time 
  • Using bands in the side plank clamshells really can make the exercise harder or easier depending on the band tension 

Next time your back hurts don’t avoid the gym or sit around all day. Add these exercises into your routine and you will be amazed how much better your mind and body feel after doing them.

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