Bodyweight movement are great, but you have to know what you’re doing….

You can do some great strength training with bodyweight movements only. Resistance training is all too often attached to lifting external loads.

You don’t need weights in order to challenge yourself with strength adaptations. Just remember certain principles of bodyweight progressions for success:

  • Positions matter – change the direction your body faces relative to your support or adopt a new shape with your lower half while you do upper body work 
  • Each approach can dramatically increase the challenge of a bodyweight exercise 
  • Complexes & time under tension – mix different bodyweight movements together into complexes to increase the total time under tension and target different patterns simultaneously 
  • Bar Dip w/ Oblique Tucks – The chest, triceps, and shoulders end up working for long extended periods of time in this complex while you hold isometric upper body positions during the oblique tucks 
  • Rope L Pull-Ups – The core demand is 10x in this position and the challenge on the biceps and back muscles increases too 
  • Wall Facing Strict HSPU – this will emphasize and isolate the anterior deltoids and shoulders so much more. The core demand is greater as well

Here is a great workout that will challenge you, and that embodies some of these principles….

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