Coffee and fat – it’s evolving but drink that cup of coffee just in case.

A study, and the science is in its infancy, has just uncovered that possibly coffee may help turn bad fat into good fat. Fat is divided into two types of fat – good/brown fat and bad/white-yellow fat. Good fat helps the body turn nutrients into energy and helps to generate heat. Bad fat results from the excessive storage of calories. 

Bad fat is associated with obesity and other disorders such as diabetes. On the other hand, bad fat may most likely help other people stay lean and maintain a healthy body weight. 

There has been a lot of speculation that if people can turn bad fat into good fat, then it would be a way to fight obesity, and all the bad that comes from obesity. 

Coffee has been lined with weight loss and higher energy product/expenditures. Therefore, this study looked at how coffee caused this impact and whether it could be used to turn bad fat into good fat. 

The study was performed at the cellular level and will be done on adults to see if the hypothesis transfers. So, stay tuned to how this study will come out, but definitely in the meantime drink your coffee and see if you can turn bad fat into good fat.