Core circuits at the end of the workouts

I love to throw core circuits in the end of my workouts. I am a big fan of isometric exercises for your core and think they are under utilized. When you have to contract your core and hold a position it compromises your breathing, and that can induce panic. These exercises make you focus on staying relaxed, and you need to both breath from your stomach.

I love the GHD because of how it forces you to contract your quads and to take away any low back pain. The Slosh pipe is great for proprioception work with constantly searching for a balance point while also engaging your upper back for posture. Anytime you do a rack hold you have to engage your core otherwise you will not last long in the position (especially with heavy KB’s).

Enjoy adding these movements into your routine and your core will reap the benefits. I hope you enjoy this workout, and let me know how you feel. If you have questions, DM me…….

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