Do fats and depression have anything in common?

A new study has come out that suggests that there is a direct link between eating a high fat diet and depression. The study showed how certain fats can enter the brain and disrupt specific pathways in the hypothalamus, and potentially cause depression. 

Studies have long shown that there is a positive relationship between obesity and depression. Some studies have shown that this relationship is due to psychological causes versus mere psychological reasons. 

In 2018, one study in rats found a possible reason for the relationship. The study concluded that high-fat diets may cause the growth of gut bacteria that causes changes in the brain that leads to depression. 

The study found that there were disruptions in the hypothalamus. Specifically, the study found that there was a build-up of fatty acids in the hypothalamus. This study could possibly explain why scientists have found that obese individuals respond less effective to antidepressants when compared to lean individuals. 

This relationship is very interesting. When we find ourselves in a negative mood, we tend to eat fatty comfort food because it tastes good. However, such behavior may actually work against us. Therefore, when you find that your mood swings to negative, reach for the weights versus reaching for food. You may learn that the effects of endorphins are more effective than binge eating.