Each muscle has a focus – don’t ignore the small ones…

Most athletes spend a lot of time focus on the major muscles, but avoid muscles that are critical to major movements but that don’t naturally pop out. For example, many athletes have poor ankle and feet mobility. This weakness can cause imbalances, and lead to poor body mechanics in your movements such as squats, OHS, lunges, etc. I have learned that if you work on your ankle health and mobility, you will see all of your big lifts go up along with decreasing injuries in sports.

To have healthy ankles and feet mobility, I use these 5 movements after a tough workout:

  • First, for the weighted dorsiflexion, in this workout I performed this exercise with a dumbbell on your thigh for added pressure, work on pushing the shin towards the ground with the foot flat.
  • Second, for the big toe work use a hard ball under your big toe and close down the ankle joint.
  • Third, for the plantar flexion use your fist to massage your Achilles area and the top of your foot is even with the floor along with your shin.
  • For the plantar massage roll your foot back and forth applying pressure to the thigh area.
  • For the ankle supination apply moving pressure on your ankle by pushing th outside ankle to the round 

Apply these tips at least once a week to see amazing gains in your program. Here is the workout:

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