Eating healthy does have an impact on your body, and also on your mind.

I am always talking about the benefits of food, and how it helps with performance and how it helps with recovery. There is science which backs the advice.

However, with all that is taking place around us, it’s hard to remain focused on specific issues. I find that a lack of sleep causes forgetfulness. Stress is another factor. And definitely, as we age, we tend to forget more. 

There is food that can help us remember. Our diet is critical, but there are also other food sources that help.  Here are a few items that help.

  • Vegetables – Eating vegetables, especially cruciferous ones help with memory. These vegetables include broccoli, cabbage and dark leafy greens. My favorite is a big kale salad, or spinach is a great veggie that is versatile in how you can fix it. 
  • Berries and cherries – this are a great source of foods to boost your memory. Berries, especially dark ones, are a rich source of anthocyanins that help with memory function. These can be eaten fresh, frozen or dried.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – these are a great source of brain food. These include seafood, algae and fatty fish. Also, it’s a great way to keep your heart healthy and a great recovery food.
  • Nuts – nuts are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Some, such as walnuts, are more effective with regard to cognitive function. Nuts are such a great way to enrich your diet. Put them on a salad, grab a hand full, or add them into rice or a stir-fry. It’s a great way add a healthy fat into your diet. 
  • Lastly, there are many spices that help with memory. Try turmeric; I put it in my smoothie. It’s a great way to spice up your food, or even your smoothie. Try some cinnamon, saffron or black pepper – you’ll spice up your mind, in addition, to your memory. 

While there’s no guarantee that these foods/spices will help you remember state capitols or where you put your keys, they can help enrich your life.