Eggs – Good or bad? The science is evolving….

I recommend eating eggs in moderation. It used to be thought that eggs had a lot to do with raising cholesterol, and the recommendation was to stay away from them, or just to eat the egg white. Now studies have debunked that advice. Cholesterol in your body is more likely related to genetics, lack of exercise and choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption. In fact, a recent study shows that eating one egg a day had lower rates of heart disease and stroke possibly because of the “good” HDL cholesterol which helps fight fat buildup in the blood.

Eggs are a great source of protein and contain 13 essential vitamins and minerals. And the protein is a high-quality protein which our bodies need to maintain strong and healthy muscles. One egg contains about six grams of protein and only about 72 calories. That’s an effective way to get your protein.

Eggs also contain biotin, choline, vitamin A and antioxidants that protect your body. Biotin helps convert food into usable energy. Choline is an essential micronutrient that helps your metabolism. Vitamin A is impotent for your immune system. In addition, eggs have Vitamin D which help keep your bones strong and help with inflammation. In addition, eggs are high in iron, folate and other vitamins.

It used to be thought that avoiding the egg yolk was the way to go. But egg whites really contain protein and some Vitamin B, but little else. So not eating the yolk make you lose out on a lot of essential vitamins miners, Choline and antioxidants.

On the topic of organic or not, please refer to a previous blog/knowledge post I wrote that addresses this issue. But, the conclusion is to buy organic,