EMOM’s are a great go do for power endurance work

On this days, I wanted a good power endurance workout, and I thought what better way than an EMOM. I frequently use this format a lot because there is nowhere to hide – it exposes weaknesses, especially, mental weakness.
Today, I used some heavier weight in the movements taking advantage of a heavy KB and MB I have at home. The goblet squats with the KB were the hardest because I had to brace it my core the entire movement rather than just throw it over my shoulder. I love using functional weight with KB’s and MB’s because there is so much core engagement throughout the lift.
When doing this format, remember to dial in a solid (but aggressive) pace on the machine because if you blow up the workout takes substantially longer. Keep the transitions quick and never let up on the pace or take a round off.
Both of these circuits took me less than 22mins. If you do this workout, find a weight that will take you less than 30mins for each one with an intermission between. You could use any machines you have access to and just adjust the calorie count as needed.

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