Enjoy isolation movements as much as compound ones—variety will keep you healthy.

I love full-body compound lifts. Usually, these lifts make up most of my training. I also love using isolation movements and find ways to make them more functional.

Movements start at your joints and if you can’t move well then forget about putting together a compound lift that is safe. The below circuit incorporates holds during the dynamic movements itself.

When pressing with the bamboo bar you will need proprioception and engagement holding the weight in place while you press. On the top-down bicep curls you will hold on at the top position while you curl one arm and switch at the top creating more time under tension throughout the movement. The incline press you will pause at the top and the bottom of each press to create control, time under tension, and more of a burn.

Try these familiar movements with the isolation holds and your body will feel better, move better, and you will reap the benefits of looking good as well. 

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