February’s Profiled Athletes – The Athletes at Pat’s Gym

Every February at Pat’s Gym, we celebrate friendships and relationships. It’s amazing how relationships make us better. They propel us to be better and help us to keep striving to be better. 

This month we are celebrating Roza Gilles who qualified for the 2020 CrossFit Games that will take place in Madison, WI in August 2020. Roza has been working out at Pat’s Gym for the past 5 years but hasn’t been preparing intensely for CrossFit specific training until the last 6 months. To effectively prepare for the CrossFit Games challenges, Roza needed to change the way she trained and focus more on the strategic CrossFit movements.  Learning is a skill. It is a practice. It is active and a constant practice. Roza is an amazing individual who is always willing to learn to become better and it has really shown through in her training. 

We are also celebrating the partnership between Roza and her coach Pat. He has created a plan to get Roza in great shape, with strength, power, power endurance, and endurance creating a great foundation. 

Pat and Roza have been together for 6 years. They bonded with daily workouts, have been making gains by working out together. When Roza determined she wanted to represent her country – Uzbekistan – as a National Champion in the CrossFit Games, Pat and Roza changed how they work out. The focus of the workouts changed to Olympic lifts, CrossFit specific movements, gymnastic moves, improving strength, and changing the nutrition plan. Six months later, Roza has achieved a lot because of the focused training. 

After years of training athletes who have competed in various competitions, marathons, triathlons, and professional sports, Pat knew what it would take to jump start Roza to compete. Often times year hear do what makes you happy but that can be terrible advice. With that advice usually people will take the easy path and it will be their vice and excuse. When that happens, problems are pushed back to another day and weaknesses will grow. You need to do what truly makes you better and that will make you happy. True happiness comes from growth and effort along with confrontation. Roza and Pat are experiencing growth together as an athlete and coach.  

As studies have shown, those couples who work out together have stronger relationships. This journey of preparing Roza Gilles for the CrossFit Games has definitely brought Roza and Pat closer together. It’s been a challenging 6 months, and there are 8 more to come! Pat and Roza are looking forward to getting closer, and pushing the envelope! Stay tuned on the journey to get to the games and let’s all join in watching Roza compete, and Pat prepare Roza for success!