Frustrated with lack of back development – here are some great tips!

Not all exercises are created equal and each has its unique benefits. If you understand the differences between movements/exercises means that difference in getting a great versus good workout. 

This day I was working on my back. I wanted to focus on exercises that would help me get a great back workout in.  

If you are working too hard to get your body into position to perform the movement, then you are going to have a hard time engaging the optimal muscle groups for development. In this workout, I focused on rows, specifically because it can be extremely difficult to engage the back and I see athletes form wrong all of the time on various back exercises. The form is usually wrong because many athletes don’t have the motor control to hold a proper hinge, their backs round in all sorts of ways, and they just don’t get the maximal pulling benefit. When this happens, you will have poor upper back development along with less than optimal lat development.

For these workouts, use the progression sequence below from easy to hard. All of the exercises will be great for developing your posterior chain and upper back. The last exercise listed requires the most control you will need to have in your hinging mechanics to get the most out of the movement. Now with these workouts, have fun developing a great functional back!

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