Great things took place at Pat’s Gym in 2019:

  • New equipment — 2019 saw a lot of new things at Pat’s Gym. We changed up our equipment by adding the following:
    • Kevelar balls for all – we added light, heavy and medium balls to up our game. They were a hit.
    • We added an AirRunner which has been getting a lot of use
    • Athletic Training Performance piece of equipment that is really popular, and helping to keep our athletes heathy and happy 
    • Climbing peg board, which is getting a lot of use and helping isolate the shoulders, biceps and triceps
    • Barbells of all shapes and sizes – We got new barbells, safety squat barbells, hex bars, and others to keep our workouts fresh
    • Purmotion Bar – which has been popular with our athletes, and they like the way it activates the posterior change, and isolates the core. We’ve all been surprised about the benefits.
    • New Pull Up bars so that our athletes can cheer one another on while they do team pull ups.
  • Renovations – We renovated our space to make better use of the gym, by reducing wasted space and creating more functional space. It really opened up the gym.
  • New exercises – Pat Gilles has been crazy in creating new exercises and workouts to challenge our athletes, and to help keep them injury-free, while improving their fitness level regardless of their goals. Olympic lifts have been a focus, which is always challenging but fun.

Come in and see the space, and experience the new equipment!