Harder (or heavier) is not always better…

I am always get asked the questions of: when do I go harder, when do I go heavier, do I add more reps, do I take away reps, do I do more sets, etc. If you want to progress you need to vary the load. More is not always the answer and usually progressions and feedback are the key.

The way you create loads on your body can be just as effective as how much weight you put on your body. It can be safer and alter your stimulus to help you see results but just changing where the load lies. I will use lunges as an example of what I mean by this concept. Here are four training examples how I change the load in lunges over a two-week period:

  • Landmine lunges where the lever is connected to the ground 
  • DB suitcase lunges where the load is on the side of my body in a farmer position 
  • KB rack lunge position where the load is on my chest and shoulder
  • Single arm KB bottoms up over head where the load is over my head 

You can do the same reps for each of those sessions before progressing your volume. Even if all of these are done with the same weight, they feel completely different and challenge my body in different ways.

If you focus on these concepts and principles, you will be able to train longer and harder without burning out, and you will be safe.  DM me with thoughts or questions…..