Here are few nutrition fictions and facts – do you believe the fiction or the facts?

It’s surprising what people will believe with regard to nutrition; however, it’s understandable with everyone trying to create a different theory, or story trying to justify how nutrition may make someone feel. However, many of these stories ignore the science. Do you believe in any of these fictions?

#1 Fiction – Only eat when you’re hungry, and it’s okay to miss a meal. The fact is that you should eat 3 regularly scheduled meals, in which no one should be more than 500 calories. In addition, you should be eating 2 small snacks in between. You should never miss a meal, because you need nutrition throughout the day. Missing a meal, will cause all sort of bad chemical reactions in your body. Spikes in insulin, lack of energy because you’re starving your body and your body starts to store fats, etc. You want to stay away from these bad effects. Also, if you miss a meal you will most likely be famished by the next time you eat which will likely negatively compromise your choices. Set yourself up for success, plan ahead!

#2 Fiction – Only hydrate when you feel thirsty – you don’t need more water than your body craves. The fact is you should be drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day. If you wait until you’re thirsty, then it’s probably too late. You really shouldn’t be thirsty; you should anticipate what your body needs. Especially, if you work out hard you want to flush your body of the impurities that are released from your muscles every time you work out. Also, some people may not be in tune with their bodies and dehydration can occur quickly.  

#3 Fiction – As you get older, you need less nutrients and, therefore, you should eat less. It’s true, that as you get older your metabolism slows down; however, if you’re training hard, you will be burning many calories so you should fuel up for them. Also, as you get older you need to make sure that you continue to get the right nutrients. It’s easy to have imbalances as you age, therefore, make sure that your diet is balanced. As I have already indicated, if you’re working out hard, I would focus less on calories and more on quality of food and macros and micros. 

#4 Fiction – If you don’t have a weight problem, you can eat whatever you want. The fact is you should watch what you eat regardless. You should stay away from refined and processed foods, artificial sweeteners, too many sugars, pesticides, and foods containing antibiotics/chemicals/hormones. Stay with organic, natural, and range free foods. Even if you don’t have a weight problem, you want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients, including macros and micros. Chronic diseases come with bad nutrition. You want to avoid that. Not all chronic diseases are associated with excess weight. Be wise and eat with knowledge!

#5 Fiction – Disease is all about genes and it may be too late to make changes is a common belief. The fact is, you can always make progress regardless of your age or your genes. If you have a family history of heart diseases, diabetics or the like, making changes to your nutrition will have a great impact. It can delay the onset of having to take medications, it can lessen the severity of such diseases, can delay the onset of such diseases, or you may be able to avoid the impacts family history can have on you. Don’t delay; start today. Be knowledgeable about what you’re eating and why.

If you have any questions on nutrition, please contact me. Also, check out the Pat’s Gym website which contains a wealth of information on nutrition.  

So next time that you see a piece of fruit, or a bag full of candy. Select wisely. I will also go for the fruit.