How to Build Work Tolerance and Volume Smartly

Do you want more work tolerance and volume? Generally, everyone seems to want to do more and thinks more equals better. This is false; you can’t have a conversation about volume without discussing intensity. The key for building volume smartly is to do it with an eye for intensity. Too much intensity and the added volume may very well do more harm than good. 

To work out smartly, use these tools to keep the volume building and the intensity in check. For, IWT Sets – interval weight training with gymnastics has the following key points to remember:
     – rest periods ensure you don’t work under too much fatigue
     – choose lower skill movements
     – choose relatively light weights
     – make your split times repeatable
     – build your total sets over the course of many weeks from low to high

Sometimes you can benefit way more by training smarter rather than harder. Give the circuit above a try and let me know how it goes – DM me for advice or feedback.

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