Is fructose good for you?

The first blog I wrote this month is on setting a goal to stay away from sugar. This blog will address why eating refined or added sugars is worse for you than eating naturally occurring sugars. 

Sugar is naturally occurring in food, but at the rate that sugar or fructose is added into foods, that is not good. When you eat fruit, you are eating fructose in its natural state. Fruit, in addition to fructose, has micronutrients and fiber. These two elements will slow down the absorption and rate at which sugar enters your bloodstream. So, eat your fruit, and stay away from sugars regardless if its by the teaspoon or in processed/refined foods. 

When fructose or sugar is found in processed foods or beverages, it usually comes from corn, beets or sugar cane. Such sugars usually have much or all of the fiber and nutrients removed. Without those elements, your body is getting an injection of the sugar/fructose which can cause many problems, including the sugar high. 

Adding on to the problems of eating too much sugar, it can cause leptin resistance. You brain produces a hormone called leptin. Leptin is a natural appetite suppressant. So, when you’re eating too much sugar/fructose, it’s natural that you will have more of an appetite which will lead to weight gain. There is science behind the urge.  

Adding onto how sugar impacts the brain, it also affects the dopamine system. This system controls how we experience pleasure. The change is similar to those people who are addicted to cocaine and alcohol – you will crave more sugar the more sugar you eat.